Today is a special day....
Happy Birthday, sis...

с много любов на Натали, моята малка сестричка...благодаря ти за това, че си винаги до мен...нека този и всеки следващ твой ден е специален и изпълнен с много усмивки, мечти, любов, щастие, късмет и светлина ...

....обичам те, слънце...

A sister listens to your worries and fears,
Gives consolation and dries up the tears,
Creates confidence when you haven't any left,
Help you feel good about yourself.

Through phone calls and pictures you both share
Triumphs, joys, problems, advice, love and care.
She's there for special days that come along,
Organizing, planning, making sure nothing goes wrong.

Sisters grow up competing over everything,
Squabbing and saying words they don't mean,
But standing together in times of adversity
Their loves shines through perfectly.

People will come and go leaving your heart hollow
But whenever life takes you a sister's love will follow.
With you from childhood until the end
Near and far she's your lifetime friend.

Happy, Happy Birthday sister...hugs and kisses from me...xoxoxo

Be happy, sis...

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