Behind Desire

Behind Every desire is a Deeper Desire.
Behind the deepest of desires, you'll find the true identity of the person you are.
If you follow only the Desires on the surface, without ever looking beneath them.
You'll likely come up empty.

For knowing why is a key part of accomplishment.
If your desires are ever to be realized, you must question them.

Know that beneath each and every desire is a more profound, more fundamental purpose.
Perhaps you are a slave to your desires.
Perhaps you are shocked by your desires.
Perhaps you're even fearful of them.

Have you ever considered stepping back and really examining them?
They all exist for a reason.
Knowing and following those reasons can lead you to an undeniable sense of real and lasting fulfillment.

Behind your desires you'll find something even more compelling -- Purpose.
The more often you bring that purpose to the surface, the more successfully your life will proceed.

Ralph Marston

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