I would like to know something.

You are not a photographer just because you own a camera.
As little as you are an author just because you have a typewriter.
I know a very talented designer who says that everything you need is a piece of paper and a burned out match.

Except of the talent of course.
I would like to be very good in something.
I am, but not the right things.
I mean, I`m very good at parking cars.
Maybe because I had an almost six meters long Chevrolet for several years in the city.
I`m good at cleaning window and I`m better than everybody I know at the game sudoku.
I have extremely good memory, when it comes to numbers 8 just as an example.
But that are not exactly the qualities you get a record contract in.
Especially if you are 42 years old, a little bit fat and can not sing.
I`m sorry to say that I`m like most of us - a little bit good at many things, but not brilliant at anything.
I think I know the wrong things.
As an example I know a lot of renaissance typography, but I mean how many care about that.
And if somebody does he probably has been dead for the last 500 years.
There are so many things I would like to know.
I should like to understand the creation of the Universe.
I want to know how to open a Bulgarian canned jar.
I should make goals like Ronaldo.
I would know how to be good as a Buddhist monk.
I would understand all women.
Brayan Adams should quit his career forever.
I should call my mother.
I should wake up one morning and know something.
I should wake up and be God.

Johan Carlsson
from "Manager"

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